About us

Genealogy and family history agency “WENDA” was found in Poland in 2015 thanks to the efforts of Witold Chanecki. The agency aims to offer its help with archive search and material processing, as well as offering its support to all the people interested in, and researching, history of their heritage originating in former Grand Dutchy of Lithuania (currently Belarus Republic and partially Lithuania). During the course of our work, we keep in close contact with numerous scientists and researchers, scientific establishments and archives across Belarus, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine, as well as people of various artistic occupations.

Witold Chanecki

 Born in 1974 in Minsk, Belarus, graduated from Belarus State University of Culture and Arts, Culturology course. For the past 20 years, he has been professionally conducting genealogical reseach and public activism. Member and consultant of Association Belarusian Nobility since 1996, co-founder of «Diariusz» organization that deals with genealogy, historical research of Grand Duchy of Lithuania time period, Western Governorates of Russian Empire that were established after Rzeczpospolita Polska Partition, time period that lasted from XVII century until the beginning of XX century, and contemporary history. He is also an official consultant at St Petersburg genealogical portal Petergen.com.

  1. Main themes of historical investigation interest: Genealogy of Grand Dutchy of Lithuania’s noblemen (located on territories of so-called North-West outskirts of former Rzeczpospolita Polska);
  2. Landowners in Minsk, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Grodno, Wilen Governorates and their economical relationships in XIX century;
  3. Noblemen steadings in Belarus: fates, people, happenings.

Several hundreds of full-scale research projects have been carried out during this time, investigating family generations of noblemen, commonwealth and peasants. Sceintific and general audience articles were published in publications such as. At the moment, he is preparing several books on Mogilev Governorate’s noblemen history for publication.

In his deeds, he is suppoted by his wife,

Irina Zawadska

Born in 1971 in Drutsk, Vitebsk region, Belarus. Graduated from Belarus State University, Jounralism course, finished post-graduate course at Belarus Academy of Arts. She’s an art critic and a professional journalist with 30 years of experience collaborating with leading news agencies of Belarus. Her articles on Belarus culture and art have received numerous awards on prestigeous contests held by organized journalist society, such as.


Genealogy research is a difficult intellectual task which requires vast knowledge of history, laws of the past centuries, topography, geography, ethnology and sociology. Additionally, abilities such as being able to freely navigate through data across various archives, paleography skill, and, quite often, having knowledge of several languages, are also required. Such skills can only be honed through years of dedicated work.