Genealogy and family history agency "WENDA"

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Our main offers:

Archive searches

Carrying out archive searches in Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia and Ukraine’s archives

Drafting, designing and publishing your history book

Drafting, designing and publishing your personal family history book to preserve your family’s hostory for the future generations

Genealogical tourism

Organization of idividual nostalgic trips to ancestors’ homeland with visits to their places of dwelling and work.

Topography search

Topography search of places of dwelling and indexation of places of ancestors’ dwelling across former  Grand Dutchy Topography search of Lithuania territories

Creation of family monograph

Creation of family monograph based on archive and library search and research results

Creation of family tree

Creation of detailed or simplified family tree, offering the option to work on it with a designer

„History Book”

Drafting, designing and publishing your personal family history book to preserve your family’s hostory for the future generations

Digitalizing your family archive

Digitalizing your family archive. Creating of digital copies: photographs, documents, tapes, photo slides, photo albums. Retouching and recovering of images.

Museum printing technique “FineArt”

Museum printing technique “FineArt”, a technology based on acid-free printing fit for use with family archive print. Helps preserve images for over 250 years.

Organization of field expeditions

Organization of field expeditions with possible family burial cites in goal, as well as material proof of former land ownership status or housing

Production of a documentary footage

Production of a documentary footage on family history, up to 30 minutes


Consulting on self-sufficient archival research

Taking care and improving

Taking care and improving of old family burial sites around the territory of Belarus

Making copies

Making of documents of your personal interest copies from archival establishments supplemented with our translation and commentaries

Stages of work:

  • 1. Interviewing

    In order to create a wholistic impression of your family’s history and deeds, we carry out and interview with you and those rlatives of yours who possess the most clear and consistent information on your family’s past. Information that’s been gathered in this process is used as a basis for further search. If, in some cases, meeting with us in person is impossible, we will be sending you a questionnaire to fill out individually.

  • 2. Expertise

    After we analyze the initial data we possess, we begin inspecting reference material in order to determine and find out about sources of information in appropriate archives, libraries and data bases, as well as determining the direction of further archive research and investigation.

  • 3. Plan

    A plan of action is then formed, depth of search is outlined, as well as priorities and sequence of archives where the investigation is going to be carried out.

  • 4. List of expenses

    On the basis of course of action plan, an estimate of overall expences and services is outlined, where an approximate amount of work, actions and payment options are being offered. There is an option of paying in several installments.

  • 5. Design

    After we begin our search through the archives and gathering of information, you will only have to decide on the format in which we could offer you all of the information we have gathered after the investigation: archival documents, monography, family tree book, etc.