Genealogy and family history agency "WENDA"

The best prophet of the future is the past.

Lord Byron


About us

Genealogy research is a difficult intellectual task which requires vast knowledge of history, laws of the past centuries, topography, geography, ethnology and sociology. Additionally, abilities such as being able to freely navigate through data across various archives, paleography skill, and, quite often, having knowledge of several languages, are also required. Such skills can only be honed through years of dedicated work.

“All history is biography”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

We offer:

Archive searches

Carrying out archive searches in Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia and Ukraine’s archives

Drafting, designing and publishing your history book

Drafting, designing and publishing your personal family history book to preserve your family’s hostory for the future generations

Genealogical tourism

Organization of idividual nostalgic trips to ancestors’ homeland with visits to their places of dwelling and work.

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Professional archival research, design and publication of the family
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